Giving Level Manager is an add-on product licensed on a yearly basis. Prior to the upcoming 2.1.1 version, if your Giving Level Manager license expired and you kept Giving Level Manager installed and activated, your form would still show your Giving Level Manager customizations.

Unfortunately, a critical bug was identified that causes some nasty unpredictable behavior when a license is expired and some of the Giving Level Manager code is still allowed to run. As such, with Giving Level Manager 2.1.1, I’ve had to block that behavior. That means that if you have an expired license, and you install Giving Level Manager 2.1.1, your giving levels will revert to the defaults from the core product.

I’m holding off releasing 2.1.1 until Monday to give you time to make decision on how to proceed, whether that’s test with Giving Level Manager uninstalled, decide not to update to 2.1.1 (which might result in future buggy behavior), or renew your Giving Level Manager license.

I’m sorry if this change inconveniences some of you, but I’m doing my absolute best to make code reliability a top priority.

Other news

I’ve posted a couple of updates to the Seamless Donations core recently and I’m about to post 5.0.18 (it’ll probably be live by the time you read this). Most of my recent updates have been bug fixes, which means Seamless Donations is getting more and more solid by the day. This latest update adds a pile of diagnostic telemetry for the log for Stripe donations.

And that’s it for today. Stay safe and sane in this wacky world.


P.S. My last add-on release was Donors Pay Fees, which allows your donors to pick up the fees charged by the gateways. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.

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