Total Control

Now you decide what you want to display.

Display Thumbnails

Easily display post thumbnails with your recent posts.

Your Post Types

Select recent posts from any available post type.

Better Recent Posts Widget feature comparison

New Recent Posts widgetYesYes
Specify widget titleYesYes
Control number of posts displayedYesYes
Control number of posts to skip (offset)YesYes
Optionally display post thumbnailsYesYes
Customize thumbnail sizeYesYes
Choose post type to displayYesYes
Optionally display post authorYes
Optionally display post countYes
Optionally display post comment countYes
Optionally display post excerpt/lengthYes
Customize post display orderYes
Customize post sorting methodYes
Better taxonomy selection controlYes
Multiple widget instance supportYes
Free on WordPress.orgOnly $9.95

Please note that support is available for both free and pro versions of the plugin on the support forum. Please indicate which version you are using.

Some CSS styling tips

The Better Recent Posts Widget Pro widget used on this pages uses these CSS styles. Feel free to use them or to use the Inspect feature of your browser to further customize your widget.

 #brpwp_wrapper-2 {font-size:12px !important}
.brpwp-title { font-size:14px; font-weight:bold;}

 For a quick tutorial on CSS styling, visit our Basic Skills Guide. The Inspector and CSS selectors videos are particularly relevant.

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