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Founded in 1998, ZATZ Publishing, a unit of Component Enterprises, Inc., was one of the first technology magazine publishers on the Internet. Over the course of 16 years, ZATZ reached millions of readers with news and articles focusing on IBM and Lotus IT, email and online safety, digital lifestyle, and photography. ZATZ also published world-changing books on improving White House IT security, reinvigorating America’s role in the global economy, and reinventing business.
Those books, in fact, led to a major transition. Despite having a pile of pompous titles and prestigious affiliations, in his heart ZATZ founder David Gewirtz is really just a project guy and a geek. After 16 years editing the ZATZ magazines, David and his wife, co-founder Denise Amrich, felt it was time for a change.

David now coordinates with teams, rather than managing them. He has students rather than employees. He has evolved from founder to advisor, publisher to columnist, and manager to professor. Denise is an RN, keeps the company’s finances, projects, and schedules on track, and has accepted the fact that David has learned to use power tools.

About a decade ago, tens of thousands of nonprofits worldwide were faced with losing their funding due to the impending shutdown of Seamless Donations. In an effort to save the good works produced by these nonprofits, David adopted the free and open source software project, and continually enhanced its fund-raising capabilities and security features until its sunset in early 2024.

In the time since David initially took on the curation of Seamless Donations, it has enabled nonprofits to more than $40 million for their causes. David also adopted open-source WordPress plugins used in the ZATZ archive.

Today, ZATZ is also home to David’s ZATZ Labs projects, where he develops widely used products like the simple security tool My Private Site. You can follow his Lab Notes blog to see the nitty-gritty details of his project work. You can also follow his ZDNet DIY-IT blog for a big-picture look at many of David’s projects. David also publishes a weekly newsletter which brings all of his work together in one place.

No discussion of ZATZ would be complete without acknowledging the contribution of the hundreds of authors who contributed to the ZATZ magazines, as well as the intrepid team of employees and contractors who brought every issue to life over the years. Thanks to everyone!
Photo credit: image of an envelope-folding machine used at Blythe House courtesy of Wikipedia.
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