Eight years ago, I adopted a set of WordPress plugins from a developer who suddenly found himself in a caregiver role and wasn’t able to maintain them. I adopted them to keep them alive, secure, and supported for the tens of thousands of users who relied on them (and still do). There are two big plugins, to which I added a lot of features over the years, and six supporting plugins that are just genuinely useful to web builders.

That developer’s family health situation has improved and he now has the bandwidth to re-adopt the six supporting plugins. So after eight years in my care, I’m incredibly pleased to be able to send those helpful little tools back home. We did the transfer this week and they’re now back in their creator’s care. Plugins sent back to their original developer include:

  • Shortcodes Anywhere or Everywhere
  • Reveal Network Activated Plugins
  • Remember Me
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • Display Kitchen Sink
  • Current Year and Copyright Shortcodes

Support for the above plugins will be via their WordPress.org plugin pages and will no longer be available here on ZATZ Labs. Thanks to everyone for supporting them and keeping them alive until they could be sent back home!

I’m still improving, supporting, and maintaining the big three (Seamless Donations, My Private Site, and Multiple Themes), plus one more helper plugin from another developer. That’s all done here on the ZATZ Labs site.


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