The ZATZ Archive

Launched in 1998, ZATZ was one of the first technology magazine publishers on the Internet. Using ZENPRESS, a content management system ripped from the future, ZATZ was able to bring thousands of articles to readers worldwide.

The entire 16-year archive — every single article and news item — is still available for you to read.

DominoPower Magazine

DominoPower Magazine covered IBM messaging and collaboration technology, providing news, in-depth articles and tips to IBM and Lotus IT professionals. Started in 1998, DominoPower was the longest continually run, editorially-managed publication about Lotus technologies and strategies. With more than 12,000 articles in its database, DominoPower counted among its readers and fans most of the key influencers and decision-makers in the Lotus IT sphere.

OutlookPower Magazine

OutlookPower Magazine covered Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and online safety, providing news, tips, and answers to reader questions. Started in 2002, OutlookPower was one of the longest continually run, editorially-managed publications about electronic mail and messaging technologies. With more than 9,800 articles in its database, OutlookPower helped active email users, along with network and Exchange administrators.

Computing Unplugged

Computing Unplugged was started as PalmPower Magazine in 1998. At the time, it was focused on Palm handhelds. In 2003, PalmPower became Computing Unplugged, when it merged PalmPower, PalmPower’s Enterprise Edition, Pocket PC Life, and WindowsCEPower Magazines. As PDAs evolved into a rich world of mobile consumer electronics, Computing Unplugged evolved into a rich and fascinating look at all aspects of the digital lifestyle with more than 16,800 articles in its database.

Connected Photographer

Launched in 2006 for tech-savvy photography enthusiasts who were as comfortable with a laptop as a lens, Connected Photographer was all about the art, science, and joy of making a connection with photographs in the Internet Age. With more than 12,600 articles in its database, Connected Photographer was where image met imagination.

WebSpherePower Magazine

All about WebSphere, Eclipse, and Enterprise Java, WebSphere power was launched in 2005. With a database containing more than 23,700 articles, WebSpherePower reached dedicated IBM IT professionals with a mandate to transform their organizations.

Photo credits: old IBM data center (Wikimedia Commons), mail boxes (Pixabay), mobile user (Pixabay), photographer (Pixabay), bridge (WikiImages via Pixabay). All Creative Commons or public domain.

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