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The Seamless Donations Donors Pay Fees extension allows you to charge donors for the cost of the transaction and gateway fees you incur from accepting donations online:

  • Works with PayPal and Stripe
  • Choose percentage and fixed fee
  • Option to always add fee to donation
  • Ability to give donors the option to add fee to donation
  • Ability to add fee to recurring donations to capture fee from every payment
  • Option to specify what prompts say on donation form


Donors Pay Fees overcomes one of the biggest annoyances of online fundraising: the fees charged by the gateways. Both PayPal and Stripe take 2.9% (plus a 30 cent fee) from you for every donation. This can add up very quickly, and all that money lost is money you can’t use for your good works. 

How Donors Pay Fees work is by adding the amount of the fee to the total amount of the donor’s donation. Fees are still paid, but you can accept the full amount the donor intended you to have. For example, if a donor gifts you $1,000, you would normally only get $971. But with Donors Pay Fees, the donor would pay $1,029.30 and you would get the full $1,000 donation.

Video Tutorials

The following 2-minute video shows you how to install and enable the Giving Level Manager add-on on your Web site. The video walks you through another add-on, but the procedure for Giving Level Manager is exactly the same.



Seamless Donations 5.0.13 or above.

Licensing Terms

This product is licensed for one year. During that time, you will get free, automatic updates and free support specific to this extension. General Web site, WordPress, HTML, life balance, and CSS support is not included.

If, during the first 30 days after purchase, you are not satisfied with this product for any reason, you may return it for a full refund. Refunds will not be granted after 30 days.

When purchasing this product, you understand we can’t warranty it to be functional in the complex and dynamic world of WordPress (that’s why we offer a refund). That said, we have tested this product extensively and, in our experience, it’s pretty darn spiffy and works like a charm.

Pancakes not included.

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