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It’s not the years. It’s the lines of code.

Adding https support to Seamless Donations 4.0.16

This note corresponds to the 4.0.16 release of Seamless Donations, which adds necessary support for secured http communications for PayPal IPNs. This both future-proofs Seamless Donations for the upcoming PayPal-mageddon when PayPal goes all https for IPN-based...

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Dealing with PHP 5.3 legacy code in ZENPRESS

I've been preparing to move some of my ZENPRESS-based sites off of a host that permits running the old PHP 5.3 to a modern, managed host that requires a modern PHP implementation. Unfortunately, ZENPRESS dies horribly on PHP 5.4, because PHP removed call-time pass by...

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Frameworks are no longer allowed in plugin directory

Interesting article on change in policy for managing plugin frameworks. Seamless Donations uses such a framework to provide its dashboard interface, but is already following the recommended practice. Seamless Donations bundles the framework in the distribution, so...

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