It’s been a busy week. Fortunately, other than the initial naming problem found when updating the repository, bugs have been generally manageable. All exiting tags listed as bugs have been fixed. Here’s the rundown.

Had some reports about file problems, particularly with users running Windows servers. Had a very long library file folder name, which increased the overall path by quite a bit. Renamed library/seamless-donations-admin-page-framework/ to merely library/apf/. Modified the corresponding include statement.

Fixed multiple currency-related bugs. Please go to Form Options, select your currency and country defaults, and click Save Defaults. This will properly save the default currency data for use throughout the site. Code mistakenly used two currency options dgx_donate_default_currency and dgx_donate_currency when only dgx_donate_currency was supposed to be used. Changed all references of dgx_donate_default_currency to dgx_donate_currency and currency works properly now.

Normalized the giving level filter. The filter dgx_donate_giving_levels existed prior to 4.0. In one location, rather than using the pre-existing filter, a new-yet-identical filter, seamless_donations_giving_levels was created. This filter was only used in one location and conflicted with dgx_donate_giving_levels. It has now been removed. The proper giving levels filter is dgx_donate_giving_levels.

Fixed an “Undefined index” error message that sometimes occurred on brand-new installs, citing the file legacy.php.

Fixed bug where initial default form fields did not match the field setting defaults in form options.

Fixed overly oppressive field sanitization in template data, where everything got stripped out using sanitize_text_field. Now using wp_kses_post, which means that if it’s allowed in a post, it’s allowed in a template field. Should be safe.

Added German translation provided by an anonymous user. Thanks!


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