The My Private Site Tags & Categories extension allows you to designate specific pages or posts to be available to the public without login based on tags and/or categories.

Tags & Categories allows you to turn your site into a mini-membership site. By designated certain specific pages as public while letting others remain private, you can wall off areas of your site and make them accessible only to visitors who can login.

Used in concert with the Public Pages 2.0 extension, you can assign tags and categories to open up a page or post, or to lock down a post. Public Pages 2.0 provides two new modes: site private, some pages public and site public, some pages private. In site public mode, you can easily lock down any page or post simply by assigning a tag or category.

See the tutorial video below for full details of this powerful new feature.

Quick and Powerful

Tags & Categories gives you complete control of what pages to present to the public and what to keep private via post and pages tags and categories. It requires no programming. Once pages are made public or private, they can be returned to original status by checking a box.

Video Tutorials

Watch the 16-minute tutorial video below for details on how to use this extension:

The following 2-minute video shows you how to install and enable the Public Pages add-on on your Web site. The video walks you through a Seamless Donations add-on, but the procedure for Public Pages is exactly the same.