One of our users found a bug where existing LIVE PayPal sites are switching to Stripe SANDBOX mode. This was due to a bug in how Seamless Donations handled defaults when the 5.0.5 update went live. I believe I fixed the bug in the now-available 5.0.9 release, but it’s possible your site may be operating in SANDBOX mode without you knowing it.

Please check your site and, if it’s incorrectly in SANDBOX mode, you should be able to set the payment gateway in the Seamless Donations Settings tab and it should resume operating correctly. 

Other news

The Form Options tab has a new Styles option. This is a preview of a much larger upcoming feature. But, for now, there’s a new Modern style, as well as a None style, which removes any styling and allows your theme to take over completely. 

And that’s it for today. Stay safe and sane in this wacky world.




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