This week, had the opportunity to add a few features and fix a few residual bugs from the 4.0 release. Special thanks go to David Chávez and Etienne Lombard for their Spanish and French translations. Here’s a quick rundown of changes and tweaks.


Added an indicator comment in the form code to allow inspection to determine the version of the plugin that’s currently running.

Added Spanish translation (thanks to David Chávez) and French translation (thanks to Etienne Lombard).

Added new Form Tweaks section to Form Options, with an option to enable Label Tags. This may improve form layout for some themes, particularly those where vertical form field alignment needs improvement.


Fixed a hook naming issue. seamless_donations_form_submit_section was used both in the submit and PayPal section. Added seamless_donations_form_paypal_section for the PayPal section.

Fixed bug in legacy export code introduced in 4.0. Unnecessary mode check caused the routine to fail.

Fixed bug where getting the plugin version number failed internally in some instances.


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