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“David is part mad scientist, part celebrity author,
and part shadowy government adviser.”
— CBS Interactive

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ZATZ Lab Notes

Join David as he opens up his private and personal lab notes for everyone to read. If you want to follow the nitty-gritty details of his coding projects, this blog’s for you.

David's DIY-IT Blog on ZDNet

David warps space/time with neat hacks,
cool do-it-yourself projects, business survival tips,
and commentary that peels paint.

The ZATZ Archive

Launched in 1998, ZATZ was one of the first technology magazine publishers on the Internet. Using ZENPRESS, a content management system ripped from the future, ZATZ was able to bring thousands of articles to readers worldwide.

The entire 16-year archive — every single article and news item — is still available for you to read.

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