The Seamless Donations Colorful Donation Forms extension provides 20 vibrant form styles for your Seamless Donations donation form. Features include:

  • Ability to choose from 20 different color designs
  • Fully responsive forms that reconfigure appropriately for smaller, mobile screens
  • Ability to replace form image with one of your own choosing via the standard¬†WordPress media chooser
  • Updates the standard grayscale Modern style with the ability to add a custom image
  • Complete compatibility with custom giving levels from Giving Level Manager
  • Instant selection of new form styles without any coding, HTML, or CSS
  • Tested compatible with IE11, the new Edge, Chrome (Mac and Windows), Firefox (Mac and Windows), Safari, plus mobile Safari and Chrome

20 Vibrant Form Styles

You may only use one form style at a time, but you can choose from any of the following styles. If you have installed Beautiful Donation Forms, you may also choose from those form styles.

Video Tutorials

The following 2-minute video shows you how to install and enable the Colorful Donation Forms add-on on your Web site. The video walks you through another add-on, but the procedure for Colorful Donation Forms is exactly the same.