The Seamless Donations Beautiful Donation Forms extension provides 15 gorgeous form styles for your Seamless Donations donation form. Features include:

  • Ability to choose from 15 different hand-crafted unique form styles with themes including Americana, Cathedral, City, Election, Fitness, Flag, Food, Healthcare, Kids, Lunch, Outdoors, Peace, Pets, Sandwich, and Worship
  • Fully responsive forms that reconfigure appropriately for smaller, mobile screens
  • Ability to replace form image with one of your own choosing via the standard¬†WordPress media chooser
  • Updates the standard grayscale Modern style with the ability to add a custom image
  • Complete compatibility with custom giving levels from Giving Level Manager
  • Instant selection of new form styles without any coding, HTML, or CSS
  • Tested compatible with IE11, the new Edge, Chrome (Mac and Windows), Firefox (Mac and Windows), Safari, plus mobile Safari and Chrome.

15 Gorgeous, Unique, Hand-Crafted Form Styles

You may only use one form style at a time, but you can choose from any of the following styles. If you have installed Colorful Donation Forms, you may also choose from those form styles.

Video Tutorials

The following 2-minute video shows you how to install and enable the Beautiful Donation Forms add-on on your Web site. The video walks you through another add-on, but the procedure for Beautiful Donation Forms is exactly the same.