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    For those non-technical people, we need this fix (or something similar) in the base code so that we do not get out of sync for future updates and create a maintenance headache down the road. A lot of people just install the plugin and use the base functionality.

    David, will this be incorporated in the base software?


    I’m having the same issues. Maybe b/c I don’t have an SSL on the site (PayPal), but we’re putting one on. I’m just concerned that it sounds like that won’t help either.



    Once you have SSL on your site and your server need to be enabled cURL 7.34.0 or above, and OpenSSL 1.0.1 or above,
    then they should work.



    David Gewirtz

    Everyone, see this. Jacob, I’m going to look at that and if it doesn’t look like it will hit anything else, I’ll incorporate it soonest. That’s a discovery about PayPal I probably wouldn’t have made.

    This is why open source is so cool.

    Anyway, stay tuned.




    Thanks for the update and links, Jacob–PayPal limited my account, ostensibly because I didn’t confirm my TLS1.2 compliance, and despite my host meeting the new requirements. So, in the meantime, went on a spree looking over all the other issues the plugin might have been causing PayPal to hate on my account. Despite my still waiting on PayPal to figure out what they’ve messed up with my account, I was happy to be able to fix this IPN/list update/email donor issue with your files. Thanks!



    David if the latest update (4.0.21 – installed today) was to resolve this issue, it didn’t. I made a $2 donation and it does not appear in the logs. Here is the log info:

    [Seamless Donations Log Data]
    2018-07-12 11:38:54 Form action via: initiating page
    2018-07-12 11:38:54 Form action:
    2018-07-12 13:26:41 —————————————-
    2018-07-12 13:26:41 PREPARING DONATION FORM
    2018-07-12 13:26:41 Seamless Donations Version: 4.0.21
    2018-07-12 13:26:41 User browser: Firefox 61.0
    2018-07-12 13:26:41 Assigning hidden field session ID to browser-uuid
    2018-07-12 13:26:41 Form action via: initiating page
    2018-07-12 13:26:41 Form action:
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 —————————————-
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 DONATION TRANSACTION STARTED
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 Processing mode: LIVE
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 PHP Version: 5.6.36
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 Seamless Donations Version: 4.0.21
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 User browser: Firefox 61.0
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 IPN (http):
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 IPN (https):
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 Session ID retrieved from _POST: SDB01-778CF6C2-6932-40E9-99D2-D22130CCC3B9
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 Looking for pre-existing session data (guid/audit db mode): SDB01-778CF6C2-6932-40E9-99D2-D22130CCC3B9
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 Duplicate session data not found. Payment process data assembly can proceed.
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 Success URL:
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 Saving transaction data using guid/audit db mode
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 Name: george barone
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 Amount: 2
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 Preparation complete. Entering PHP post code.
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 Checking for repeat. REPEAT value is [].
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 Computed RETURN value: ''
    2018-07-12 13:27:23 Redirecting to PayPal… now!
    2018-07-12 13:27:58 dgx-donate-paypalstd-ipn.php called outside of constructor.
    2018-07-12 13:27:58 —————————————-
    2018-07-12 13:27:58 Seamless Donations Version: 4.0.21
    2018-07-12 13:27:58 IPN chatback attempt via TLS…
    2018-07-12 13:27:59 IPN chatback attempt completed. Checking response…
    2018-07-12 13:27:59 IPN failed (unrecognized response) for sessionID SDB01-778CF6C2-6932-40E9-99D2-D22130CCC3B9
    2018-07-12 13:27:59 ==>
    2018-07-12 13:27:59 IPN processing complete.


    David Gewirtz

    Okay, I’ve updated Seamless Donations with Jacob’s fixes. That takes things to 4.0.22. If you’re still having problems, read the troubleshooting tips here. If you think you’re going to want individual help, go ahead and open up a trouble ticket so I can work directly with you and keep track of your particular issue.



    It worked, problem solved. Thanks to everyone who contributed and special thanks to David for his continued assistance.



    Thank you, David to continue to work on this plugin.
    I really appreciate for sharing your story as well.
    Please let me know how I can make some donation.



    David Gewirtz

    Happy dance!

    Hey, folks, since this seems to be resolved, open a new thread if you find new problems or post a support ticket if you want me to work directly with your issues. Let’s call this thread one.


    David Gewirtz

    @rachel3004 (Jacob) says “Please let me know how I can make some donation.”

    Oh, you did, buddy, you so did! You found the bug and came up with a fix. I can’t think of a better donation. Cash isn’t really my problem now, but the long list of stressful things going on are (is?).

    You took a big stresser off my plate. I am seriously grateful. Thank you!




    Just one thing I noticed on new version 4.0.22, in the file /seamless-donations/inc/payment.php, line 458: $notify_url = plugins_url( ‘//pay/paypalstd/ipn.php’, __FILE__ );
    I think it is supposed to $notify_url = plugins_url( ‘/pay/paypalstd/ipn.php’, __FILE__ );
    there is two “//”, it should be only one “/”.
    I think it was my fault, when I changed the url, I made mistake to put two “//”.



    David Gewirtz

    Yeah. I actually saw that when I looked at your code, but then I didn’t when I pasted things in. Should be updated as soon as SVN decides to do its thing. Thanks! That’ll bring us to 4.0.23.



    Hi David, Thanks a lot for those updates! Everything seems to be working fine again! The only thing that is still not working for me is the thank-you notification emails sent to new donors. They always worked fine, untill the PayPal updates. I just tested the donation plugin on my website through a self-made donation, everything worked fine and donation went through, however I never received the thank-you email set up in Seamless Donations. Could you kindly advise on this? Thanks, Len



    Len (lennartmeijertje)

    You need to change /seamless-donations/inc/payment.php file,
    download this file,

    and unzip it, and one of the file is payment.php, and overwrite to /seamless-donations/inc/payment.php on your server,
    then it should work fine.

    As I mentioned above, I made a mistake on payment.php file, and I updated new file in

    As David mentioned, he will apply this new file to version 4.0.23,
    but meanwhile you can do as I mentioned above.


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