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    Hi this looks like Multiple Themes will do the job for me. One question before I activate is about the plugins file. If the two themes are two totally different “animals” will I have to install a new set of plugins to work with my second theme? Or conversely will my set of plugins that are active for my primary theme be available and active with the secondary theme. Apologies for being a bit long-winded but this is critical for me. Thanks in advance, Janek


    David Gewirtz

    No. The best way to think about multiple themes is that when you move from one theme to another, you’re doing exactly the same thing as switching themes. That means some settings will need to be redone for each theme.

    Be careful, though. Multiple Themes warps time and space, and that means that you might wind up inside a moon. If you don’t absolutely need Multiple Themes (many themes now offer different looks for different pages), don’t use it. If it breaks for your situation, you’re going to be on your own. I’m just a caretaker for the plugin.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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