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    Issue: the Seamless Donations plugin overwrites the IPN URL at Paypal.

    I’m testing this with live transactions. Regardless of the settings for the IPN URL at Paypal, when a payment is initiated through the SD plugin, the transaction is reported to When the transaction is initiated through a standard Paypal button, the transaction is reported to the IPN URL that I entered at Paypal.

    I initially did not have a SSL Certificate, and I saw the error message in the admin panel that https was not responding. I thought that the legacy IPN was being used because https:// was blocked on the website. I have now added a SSL Certificate and used .htaccess to force use of https://, but the problem persists.

    The log for the latest transaction:


    David Gewirtz

    Seamless Donations can’t touch what’s on PayPal so whatever IPN PayPal is pinging is what’s in the PayPal system. All Seamless Donations does is display an IPN in the WordPress dashboard for you to paste into PayPal. My guess is you only think you changed your IPN. Sometimes it’s confusing, especially if you used sandbox accounts or multiple PayPal accounts.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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