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    I am trying to succeed to have multiple themes on different site aliases (domains)

    domainA.com to show one theme
    domainB.com to show a second
    domainC.com to show a third

    All alternative domains are aliases (parket at) to the first domain

    I cannot use the URL Prefix setting as it has to start with the parent domain (lets say domainA.com)

    Is there a workarround on that? Can I bypass this limitation somehow?



    David Gewirtz

    Once you start using different domain names and different themes for different parts of a site, it’s probably time for you to use WordPress multisite. That’s what it’s for.




    Thanks David!

    I still haven’t configured though if wordpress multisite has the ability to serve the SAME contect (woo commerce products on my case) on these different sites.

    I was thinking about your plugin as I just need the same products with prices and without prices (on the modified theme) on the second domain and i still haven’t discovered how to achieve that.

    Thanks anyway again for your reply




    Did you ever figure this out kelvin?

    Looking to do the same thing, trying to make an ADA accessible version of my site using a special theme, and was thinking a domain prefix site mirror that loads that theme might work but I want to use the same content as the original site.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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